My Christmas Preview

As usual I have made a long list of Christmas gifts I want to make…. especially now that Chris and I are grandparents. I thought I would give a preview of these in the hopes it will keep me motivated lol!

Kim found some pictures of ideas for me for her and hubby!

She found what is called a “Skoodie” that she would like and a skeleton scarf set! I wouldn’t mind one of those scarves for myself!

She found a few things for my son-in-law as well as something else I’d like to try…

This is what she found…

And I’d like to combine the next few pictures into a sword display. I thought I could use a wood burner for the fancy stuff on the blade

Now… for our granddaughter lol… I have already started on a fluffy hoodie for her with teddy bear ears… and I want to try making the pictures below on my scroll saw!

And finally, here are a few things I want to make for other family members. I thought I could again use the wood burner on the shield below.

Another long list of things to do. Hopefully if I start soon I will accomplish all of it…and anything else I decide on!

Wish me luck lol!


Creepy Looking “Colossus”

Let me start by saying that yes, I do know how ugly that is lol!

Dillon watches a TV show called Attack on Titan.  Colossus is apparently one of the characters.  In true fashion, when I asked him what he would like for Christmas he picked something that was going to put me through my paces lol.

He wanted, more or less, what he referred to of a giant wooden book mark in the shape of this Colossus’ head to put in the centre of his collection of books with the same title. Apparently the Colossus in the show is always looking down on everyone else and he thought it would be fitting!



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Wooden Diner Sign 

The events of the past week or two have put me behind… again.  I’m honestly starting to think that me running around at the last minute like a crazy person  (and Yes, crazier than usual lol) is just another of our family traditions.  I just start thinking I’m ahead of the game and then it’s less than 2 weeks until the big day! Where did all the time go???

This is another one of the projects that I cut out using my scroll saw in the summer.  It too is a Christmas gift and I’m hoping that the person it’s for doesn’t see this post and ruin the surprise!

This is how it looked after I cut it out.

To me, using my scroll saw is sort of like sewing.  I just draw what I want on the pieces of wood and then follow the lines!

I base painted it white and then started to paint the rest.

Then it just needed a coat of sealer and a sawtooth hanger on the back and it’s ready to go!

Another Christmas gift finally finished!

Guitar Pick – Guitar Holder

This is another one of the wood crafts I am making for a Christmas gift for my son-in-law. This time I am making a guitar holder for him, shaped like a guitar pick.  Kim sent me a picture of something like this when I asked for suggestions.


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Wood Dragon Cut Out Wall Hanging

I’m pretty sure I at least previewed this wall hanging in one of my previous posts but now it’s finally Finished!  And I am pretty happy with the results.  I hope my son-in-law likes it!


I am out of town at the doctors today, so I rushed yesterday to get this ready to post!


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WIP for Christmas 

Seeing as I don’t have anything actually finished today, I thought I could at least show you what I’m up to!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but if not, I hate base painting.  I just want to jump into the fun part lol. But base painting does have to be done, so I generally try to do it all at once!

That’s what I’m doing today.  Or at least starting! I think this is about half of it!

I will try to get at least one thing done today to post tomorrow because tomorrow is Thursday, my new weekly appointment with the new specialist! 24 weeks worth 😔

This is what I’ve started!


Wooden Cat Door Stop

When I was cutting stuff out on my scroll saw for Christmas gifts I decided last minute to make a cute little Cat Door Stop for the cat lover on my list. 

 It was quick to cut out and didn’t take long to sand down in preparation for painting!

We are trying to limit the amount of gifts we give each other so I am (cheating and…) making the majority of gifts in “Basket” form, mixing things I am making with stuff I am buying that suit each person!


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