Fish Soft Toy

Let me start by saying my grandbaby loves fish for some reason… maybe the bright colors?

Yesterday I felt like making something but didn’t feel like embarking on a big, involved project. When I was trying to think of what to make I remembered the cute little knitting machine/loom Chris bought me for Christmas.

My original idea was to make a “tube” doll, the kind where you knit a tube of varying coloured stripes and sew lines through the stuffed tube to form the arms and legs.

Somehow I ended up making a fish lol. I guess the doll will be next!!!

As with the doll, I started by “knitting” a striped tube in the colours I wanted my fish to be.

I crocheted lips on the gathered end of the fish. I did 2 rows of slip stitch, single crochet, 3 double crochet (in the same space), single crochet, slip stitch, and this formed the fish lips.

Next I added fins. I single crocheted across 9 stitches on each side (10 for the top fin), and then worked single crochet rows with a decrease stitch at the beginning and end of one side to taper the fins until I got down to 3 stitches. I would the ends in and my fish had fins!

Next I stuffed the fish and crocheted closed the tail end. I ran a gathering stitch where I wanted the tail to start , and to hold the stuffing in.

I crocheted 2 little circles for eyes by chaining 2 and then working 7 single crochet in the second single crochet and then sewed a white line in the middle of the black circles.

I decided the fish needed something else, so I ran rows of single crochet around the fish where the colours of the stripes met.

And my Fish Soft Toy was done and ready to add to the fish collection for my grandbaby!!!


Another Baby Hat

Tomorrow is my weekly Drs appointment out of town, so I thought I’d better get something finished to post!

I made another little baby hat on my Singer Knitting Machine and finished up the chain stitch pompom I decided to add to it.

It was worked over 24 stitches and I made it about 8 inches long so it’s would be a floppy sort of hat.
For the pompom, I just kept making chains with 10 stitches each and attaching them with a slip stitch to form a loop.

And that’s it. Another hat made in about a half hour!


My Singer Knitting Machine!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I took Boxing day off as an “On Strike” day, the same as I always do. I did nothing but sleep, read and feed Chris and Dillon leftovers lol.

Today however, I was playing with the Singer Knitting Machine that Chris got me  (because of a rather large hint) for Christmas.  I am having so much fun!

This is what it looks like out of the package, it even came with a couple of skeins of yarn to get started!

The first thing I made was a cute little baby hat! It took me about 15 minutes! 15 minutes!!!

And then I made a pair of socks.  If you have ever knit socks before you know how time consuming it can be.  I made this pair in a half hour! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas next year lol?

I anticipate having a whole lot of fun with my new “toy!”


P.S. I also got a combination grinder/pasta maker/sausage stuffer, so stay tuned for recipes and ideas when I start “playing” with it!!!

Homemade PVC Pipe Yarn Holder

I saw a yarn holder made from PVC pipe on Pinterest a while back and really wanted to make myself one.

I bought the pipe and the ends and all the caps and unions so I could do it.  The materials cost less than  $10!
Chris said he would cut it all for me, thank you Chris.  He got it all cut and started to explain to me what I should use to make sure all the unions were adhered properly. 

I must have looked dumbfounded because he offered, and did assemble and glue it all together. Wasn’t that awesome? I think he just used plumbers glue.

All that’s left for me to do is paint it! That caused me to receive another look when I told him I’m going to paint it the same pink as the tool box project I’m working on lol! I still don’t understand why he was all that surprised!

So I took it out in the middle of the backyard  (the only place I’m allowed to spray paint any more lol) and proceeded to paint it pink!

Now I have a very handy yarn holder for my next knitting or crocheting project!


WIP – Well, some of them 

I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this weekend. I did go for a drive with Chris and he was nice enough to take me out for lunch! Thank you Chris!

 I had great intentions to set up my scroll saw in the backyard and get to cutting everything out, but it’s just way too hot for that right now.  I’m pretty certain its supposed to be Fall, isn’t it? Someone obviously forgot to tell Mother Nature!

I have it all drawn/traced onto the wood and ready to go, I just need cooler weather. 

I have started to turn an ugly black repurpose of a tool box into a “girl” tool box because my current ones are overflowing.  But again, it’s too hot and humid for spray paint to dry 😕

All I managed to get done today was cut out some sleep masks, make up bags and coffee cozies I want to sew for Christmas. 

Hopefully tomorrow Mother Nature will cooperate and I will be more productive!

Oh, and I started a knitting project, becauseI don’t already have enough on the go lol.

The only thing this weather has been good for is the garden.  I am starting to get ripened tomatoes almost every day now! Woo hoo!


WIP: Yes, Another One

I thought that since I don’t have anything actually finished right now I would post the progress I am making on another scarf as a gift.

It is a really funky yarn and while it isn’t difficult to work with it is time consuming.  It is a Red Heart Yarn called Fizzle.


You need to sort of separate the two strands of wool and only use the top “loop” to knit with.  Like I said, not difficult, just time consuming.

Here is a picture of the wool.  I put an arrow where the top loop is to show you what I mean.


The scarf is knit on Size 10 knitting needles and worked over only 3 stitches.  The instructions on the wrapper stated it would end up being 60 inches long when completed.

I think I might have about 15 – 18 inches done so far so I am about a quarter of the way there.  I should have it done in a few days and then move on to the turquoise colour!


It sort of reminds me of a poodle lol.  I am pretty certain that when Kim sees that I am working on a PURPLE scarf she will try to stake a claim on it!

I will update with pictures once they are both completed!