Daily/Weekly Planner

I apologize for being absent again. Between the holiday exhaustion, starting a course online and now, some family health issues, I find myself stretched way too thin for my brain and body to take. I have to accept the fact that I won’t be able to post as often as I would like to, posting only when I am able to pop online to do so.

Today, thankfully is one of those days!!! I found a site called Canva online at http://www.canva.com. You can create just about anything! Calendars, planners, facebook posts, facebook cover pages, presentations, pretty much anything you can think of! I decided to start off with Daily and Weekly Planner pages that can be printed out and placed in a pretty binder or even a doutang, something like that to help organize my/anyone’s schedule!

It took about a half hour or so to familiarize myself with the site and how it worked and then it was on to the creating part of the process. There are thousands and thousands of templates to get you started!

I chose the basic template I wanted and then went into the various editing options and changed the background, text colours, sizes and fonts to suit what I wanted as well as other changes until it looked how I wanted it to look.

This is the final outcome of my Daily and Weekly Planner pages! Not “too” shabby for a first try lol!


Lawn Enforcement Officer T-Shirt

My father-in-law takes great pride in maintaining his lawn lol…. so last year we bought him this funny baseball cap for Christmas from an online store called Bits and Pieces.

This year we thought it would be fun to find him a T-shirt to go with it. Then we thought that maybe I could make him one!!!!

My skills on the Cricut and in Design Space aren’t quite up to designing at that level yet, so I went to Etsy and found exactly what I was looking for to make the T-shirt!!! Here is where I found the pattern!

I decided to do the image in yellow on a green t-shirt for him. I wanted it to really POP on the shirt.

And then lol… we decided to take it one step further… and I cut out the word “Supervisor” in CAPS and put it on the back of the shirt for all to see when he is out tending to his lawn! Everyone is going to know who the Lawn Boss is in his neighbourhood lol!


Tips for a Stress-less Christmas 

I started thinking this morning how stressed I was already making myself and thought that even though it isn’t even December 1st, I should heed my own advice from last year’s post AND to share it with anyone else who is also suffering from early onset Christmas stress!


Well, it’s officially the 1st of December, one of the most stressful months in the calendar for me, and I am sure a lot of other people.

My family will tell you that I am the last person who should be giving out this advice lol. One of our least favourite Christmas traditions is “Mom’s Christmas Breakdown(s)!” Not a Christmas goes by without at least one no matter how ahead of the game I think I am, especially since my accident.  This week I dealt with the first one 😕! I let myself get so overwhelmed by what I want and need to do for Christmas that my brain starts to spin our of control. I need to learn that just because I am a mom and future grandma that I am not omnipotent and cannot possibly do everything alone or even everything I decide I should make for everyone.

Christmas is supposed to be a “magical” family time and I have to stop trying to be the magic behind the curtain making everything happen perfectly!


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New (Different) Project – Online Craft Supply Store

While somewhat craft related, I started a new project yesterday. I haven’t been feeling well the past few weeks… probably a combination of a bad cold I caught and rushing around…. last minute 😦 … getting stuff ready for the craft sale! This project made it ten times worse but the actual start up of this project was the hardest part and it is now done… thankfully lol. Today I will definitely be taking it way, way easier!

This was supposed to be designated as a sitting on my butt, doing a few projects just for me week.

I am working on project I have been wanting to do but I also saw an article about different “passive” income methods. I figured that since I have no idea when, or even if I will be able to go back to work that it might be interesting and even fun to try one of them.

I chose to try a Shopify online store. They were offering a free 14 day trial, so I thought what did I have to lose… other than a lot of my emergency major headache medication lol!

Setting the store itself up and adding products was very easy, just a bit time consuming… not that I don’t have a lot of time. I of course chose to do a craft related store. I am selling all craft supply related items. Everything from vinyl for the Cricut to Cricut machines themselves, to wool for knitting/crocheting and items for leather working and wood for carving. I tried to “stock” my store with items that I would use myself when doing my crafts.

I don’t know how well this will work, but it is kind of fun to pretend shop when I pick out items to add to the store and think of what I would do with them.

It might make for some cool blog posts in the new year making projects with items from my store and then creating a section on my store front with the completed projects and possibly how to videos? Who knows… that’s of course if it lasts that long lol!!!!

Here is a picture of my store front…..

And here is the link if anyone wants to check it out…..



Cool Idea for Stray Cats in Winter! (And the famous Weiner Trap)

I saw this video on Facebook and thought I would share it because it’s such a cool idea!

I don’t know if anyone else has a lot of strays hanging around or not but this would definitely help them come winter!

Here is the link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2496840930570624&id=1679616822293043

It also reminds me of our first winter up here lol. I was positive we had a cat living in our end garage in the middle of a very harsh winter. Being an animal lover I thought I was puy one of our cats old beds out there with a bowl of food. I left the bed out there and refilled the food daily… right up and until we found out it was actually a raccoon I was giving the royal treatment to lol 🙄.

The other silly “citidot” story from when we first moved up here, and again involved a raccoon lol… was our famous “,Weiner Trap.

I have to say that the number of neighbors who stopped at to stare at our trap was hilarious… hence the famous and cidiot monikers!

We were having a lot of issues with raccoons (and yes I do realize it was likely my own fault lol), so we decided to do a catch and release. The hard part was getting the raccoon into the so called trap!

Our “Trap” consisted of a metal wire dog cage with pieces of weiner tied to string and hanging from the roof of the cage.

From there we got a really long rope, attached it to the door of the cage, and all the way to our front door.

The idea was that the raccoon would go into the cage to eat the weiners and once we saw it we saw it. Then it required Chris to pull on the rope to close the door, me to run outside and hold the door closed while Chris cursed and swore and wrapped the cage so the raccoon couldn’t get out.

We used 2 broom handles to lift the cage/trap/raccoon into the Tahoe I was driving then to relocate the problem raccoon.

On the way to it’s new home the damn raccoon shat in my truck lmao 🤣. It stunk up my whole truck. I thought for sure that Chris was going to throw up. It was definitely a story we won’t ever forget!!! And I really wish we had taken pictures lol!


Redecorating- DONE!!!!!

It’s done… and so am I lol! 😴 It took me the whole week to get it all done… washing the walls in preparation for painting, filling any holes in the walls and then sanding them smooth, the actual painting, cleaning everything before putting it back up, pulling out the old rug, and then finally putting down the new rug! Dillon helped me do that yesterday!!!

When I was talking to Kim she asked me if I took a before picture, and I was like crap… why didn’t I think of that? So… I did the best I could and took a sort of “before” picture.

This is my “sort of” before picture. I couldn’t believe the difference once I looked at the pictures side by side. It looks so much brighter and fresher!

Sort of Before Picture

This is during the painting…

This is after I put all the furniture back in.

Here it is after we took the old rug out and washed the floor so it was nice and fresh before laying the new one. (I tied up the curtains so they weren’t in the way lol)

And here are my after pictures!!! The new quilt I got for the trundle!

And here are the rest taken from different angles.

Now I just need to wait for the new rugs to go under the dog feeding “station” and in front of the trundle, and I can rest lol!


Learning New Cricut Skills

I swear I have seen so many of the split letter monograms and signs on Pinterest that I had to try it! It means I learned a new skill/technique on my Cricut and in the Design Space program.

I found a great tutorial here: https://www.howtoheatpress.com/split-letter-monogram-tutorial/?epik=dj0yJnU9cGRuV1Q2ZVJmWXVvWUhXazRvalJqWW1EdUdGdWhtZWwmbj1FejBrMFcwS3VzZjNaVk5LZHlDTDlRJm09MyZ0PUFBQUFBRjFsRnhB and it worked out great for me. I learned what it meant to “Weld” and to “Slice” in Design space!!!!

Here is a screenshot of Design Space with my project once I finished “designing” it! I know it might look sort of complicated but once you have been through one of the processes a few times, it doesn’t seem quick so daunting!

And this is the “design” cut and attached to the little dollar store sign I base painted last week!

I am having a great time “Playing” and of course learning as I go with my Cricut. Every new trick or technique I learn opens up so many doors to new projects!


I Got A Cricut!!!

I have been wanting to get a Cricut for ages, especially seeing all of the awesome projects all over Pinterest lol.

I got one last week, but with my grandma babysitting for the next few weeks I only got a chance to “play” on Friday… and yes, I definitely had more fun playing with my adorable little granddaughter!

I of course jumped right in after skimming the instructions and was very impressed with how my first attempts turned out.

It honestly seems to be very close in steps to my Embroidery machine.

Dillon says I should do some beginner videos to upload but I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

I am going to be sharing a lot of Cricut projects in future, so I will apologize ahead of time lol.

For today… here is a quick project I did as part of a wedding gift for our neighbors daughter and her fiance! It is just a simple plate with a vinyl decoration but I think it will be a cute addition to the “Mr. & Mrs.” basket I’m doing!


Homemade Glass Cleaner

Here is another “recipe” for a homemade version of window/glass cleaner for your home.

Quick and easy to make and it leaves a streak free finish!

You will need:

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup cleaning vinegar
  • 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tbsp. Corn starch

Mix everything together in a large measuring cup until corn starch is completely dissolved.

Pour into a dollar store spray bottle and you are all set to clean your glass, mirrors or the like… and you made it yourself!


Homemade Dishwasher Tabs

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I have been getting into making my own cleaning products. It has been fun to experiment and even more so, knowing when I am cleaning I am not using any harmful chemicals.

I use cleaning strength vinegar for a lot of things but for some things, I like to go in other directions. I am going to make my own “Windex” in another post…. not very exciting but again, homemade and no chemicals.


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