Happy Halloween!!!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween! Hope all you kids out there have a great time in your costumes and score a lot of candy lol!

Sandie & Kim

“Tide Pods” Pumpkin Containers

I have been saving the containers I get my Tide Pods laundry detergent in. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, so I just left them on a shelf in the laundry room until I decided.

Last week I finally decided exactly what that would be! I was doing laundry and looked over at them and thought to myself, “they look a lot like pumpkins.” So that is what i decided to turn them into.

They would be great just as decor, or a great place to put Halloween goodies in on the big night!


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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Becoming a grandma this year has made me think back to all of the Halloween costumes I made for my kids.  I have no idea where some of the costume ideas came from but some of them were very interesting to try to make lol. My kids seemed to think I could make anything they could think of.  While it was a nice feeling to know my kids thought that way, it also brought with it the pressure to actually succeed!

My costume making got to the point that neighbours were actually waiting each year to see what I would make each year for the kids to wear!

I thought today I would share a few of the costumes I made over the years and then a few photos of pictures I found on Pinterest with some great homemade costumes for kids and adults!


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Parmesan Ranch Pumpkin Seeds

Okay, here are the Pumpkin Seeds as mentioned in my Nemo Pumpkin post. I roasted the pumpkin seeds first and then added the ingredients listed below and roasted them again for a little bit so the seeds are well roasted, well done (because Chris likes them that way) and taste delicious!

I will admit that there is nothing quite like a feed of freshly roasted pumpkin seeds lol!


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I Found Nemo!!!!

I found Nemo lol!  For my granddaughter’s first Halloween, I wanted to make her a special pumpkin.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually carved a pumpkin.  Where we live the houses are so spaced, being farm country, that we don’t get any kids trick or treating so I have just forgone the practice of pumpkin carving.

When my two were little, I swear they thought I was omnipotent because they thought I could make any sort of costume they wanted and carve any sort of pumpkin they wanted.  Luckily my kids were easily appeased and whatever I came up with, they were more than happy with!  I think My favourite was the year I did Bert & Ernie pumpkins.  As with Nemo pumpkin I did this morning, they were a combination of carving and painting to get the desired effect…. and some black wool for the character’s “hair.”  It was fun and the kids loved them.  I guess I had better get my pumpkin carving game back on track for my grandchild/grandchildren lol!!!!

Here is my Nemo Pumpkin!!!




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Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Much to our dogs chagrin, I dressed them up again this year for a few pictures. 

You can see how thrilled they are to be dressed up lol! It took quite a few dog treats and many retakes to get the picture of Leroy  (the hound), Kita, the witch, while not thrilled still just sat there and let me do it! She has always liked to dress up, as long as you tell her how pretty she looks!

The Vampire 

The Witch

Pom Pompom Pumpkins 

I decided to do one more Halloween/Pumpkin craft this week. Pom Pompom Pumpkins. 

This is another very easy, kid friendly craft. All that’s required is some Orange wool, a piece of cardboard, green pipe cleaner and scissors. 

I made a quick pompom maker from the cardboard. 

I wrapped the wool around and around until it looked fat enough. 

I wrapped another piece of wool around the wrapped wool, in the slot in the cardboard, added a piece of pipe cleaner and tied it tight.

Next I removed it from the cardboard and cut through the loops on each side.

I gave it a good shake and started to trim them.

Curled the ends of the pipe cleaner and tied a knot in the long piece of wool for hanging, and that’s it! Pompom Pompom Pumpkins!


Wine Cork Pumpkin

I dragged Dillon to the BIG dollar store on Friday and I picked up a few packages of wine corks with this project in mind.  In hindsight, I should have bought the wine corks that were cylinderical in shape, not the ones with a wider end.  Either way, I made the corks into pumpkins.



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