Summer Fruits Salad

Here is a fruit salad I made for Father’s Day to have with the fishing themed cupcakes Kim made and brought for everyone!

Fruit salads are very refreshing as dessert, especially on hot days!



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Spiralized Potato Salad with Dijon Dressing

I made this recipe for our Father’s Day BBQ.  We had a nice family day, a first Father’s Day for my son in law and a first Father’s Day as a Grandpa for Chris. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try another Spiralizer dish!

With family and lots of good food brought by all, we had a really great day! I also served up some of my home made sausages, cucumber and tomato salad and a nice fruit salad.



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Buffalo Chicken Sausages

Since I had some pretty good luck making my Pork Sausages as a first time attempt, I decided to give it another go.  This time I made some buffalo chicken sausages.  Apparently I made them quite spicy, unknowingly, but they were still eaten. Dillon especially likes spicy foods lol!



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Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Well, Maple Bourbon enhanced BBQ sauce lol.  I took some plain BBQ sauce and turned it into a bit fancier version.  It is great on steaks…. which we used it on the first night, pork chops… second night lol and it will be great on chicken, turkey, sausages… you name it!  A great way to up the BBQ sauce game!

Did I mention how easy this is as well?  Throw all the ingredients in a large mason jar, shake and it’s done!



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Cuckoo Clock Birdhouse

I have been sitting on this idea since Chris got an authentic Cuckoo clock for his birthday. This week I decided I knew exactly who would appreciate this sort of thing so I made it as a gift for this person. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it and figuring out how to make it actually look like a Cuckoo clock lol!

This was a fun craft to try and I am glad it turned out as well as it did!

Oh, and Happy “May the 4th” Be With You to all of you fellow space geeks lol!!


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Chocolate Pudding Cheesecake with Cookie Crust

For Father’s Day, I made a Chocolate Pudding Cheesecake dessert with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust.  I found the recipe on Facebook of all places, and will include the link to where I found the recipe below.

This recipe makes up pretty fast and is a nice cold dessert for summer.


Here is what I started with.


I began by pressing the cookie dough into the bottom of my aluminum foil 9 x 13 pan.


I tried to spread it evenly across the whole bottom of the pan.


I baked this at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes until the cookie crust was brown.  I took it out of the oven to cool while I began with the layers for this cake.


I began by mixing the softened cream cheese and 1 cup of icing sugar in a large mixing bowl until well combined.



Then I added 1 3/4 cups of the Dessert Topping to the cream cheese mixture. I mixed that until it was nice and fluffy, and then spread that over the cooled cookie crust.  I put that in the fridge while I started on the next layer.

For the next layer, I mixed together 3 cups of milk with both the chocolate and vanilla pudding mixes, mixing it until it was thickened.

I spread this on top of the first layer of the cake.


Lastly I spread the remaining Dessert Topping on top of the chocolate layer, sprinkled this with chocolate chips, and yes, I added some sprinkles, just because this is a special occasion and then wrapped the cake and put it back in the fridge.  The recipe says to chill for at least 8 hours so I made it the day before and let it chill overnight.

This is my cake when it’s done.  I will try to make sure to take pictures of it when we serve it… hopefully I can keep everyone’s mitts out of it long enough to take the picture of it sliced as well!


Here is where I found the original recipe –

Crock Pot German Potato Salad

An old friend of ours used to always make a German Potato Salad that Chris professed to love.  I have never attempted it myself but I decided to make it for our Father’s Day dinner.  I found many recipes online but when I found one that I could make in the crock pot, I just had to try it.


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Happy Father’s Day – Sharpie Marker Gift

Happy Father’s Day from Sandie & Kim from Oh Yes They Did!


Wishing all Fathers a Wonder Father’s Day Today!

We are having a BBQ and Salads themed dinner for Chris for Father’s Day.  Steaks, hot dogs, Caesar salad, Crock Pot German Potato Salad and more.  We will post pictures and recipes after the weekend!


This is what I made for Chris as a little Father’s day gift.  One of those Sharpie Marker Mugs.

I bought Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers from Amazon for these mugs.  I read that was the best one for durability and colour.

I wrote on the mug what I wanted it to say, let it dry and then baked it at 250 degrees for 2 hours, letting it cool completely in the oven.

He works with metal, so I wrote on the mug, “Weld Spatter IS Man Glitter!”

And after those few steps, and a bit of wait/cooking/setting time, I had this!  A cute mug for Father’s Day. You can write whatever you want on them, draw a picture, whatever… personalize it to make it for your father, husband or whomever else for a one of a kind gift!