Wedding Gift Basket – Part #3 – Mr. & Mrs. Towels

When I decided what I was going to make for this basket I thought it would be nice to follow through with the “Mr. & Mrs.” theme. I checked out my usual go to sites for embroidery patterns and came across one I liked in a “Wedding” themed package and that is what I used.

I found my pattern on a site called Designs by Juju and I think it worked out great! The pattern for the Mr. & Mrs. can be found here – Mr. & Mrs. Word Art. On top of this set, I think I have about 20+ of their other sets/packages thinking ahead to Christmas and other occasions!

I did the embroidery on some flour sack cloth towels I bought from amazon a while back and they stitched up really nice!

Here are the towels I included in the basket:


Wedding Gift Basket – Part #1 1/2

I started to type Part #1, but then I realized I made mention of the gift basket in 2 previous posts…. the one where I bragged (yes, I do know that is rude but I wanted to share really bad lol) in my “I Got a Cricut” post, and in my last post about the Wedding Card.

This time it is some stemless wine glasses, a glass carafe and a tin bucket that I used to stack the basket on!

It was really easy to find free Mr. & Mrs. images online to do what I wanted to do. These ones I found in the Cricut app. They are just words but I did them in vinyl and added them to the glasses, carafe and tin.

Again the whole thing was really user friendly… put your images into Design Space, set it to the cut function, load the mat… prepared with vinyl on it and push the buttons

I chose black vinyl for the tin and the carafe and a silver vinyl for the glasses. I suppose I should have taken pictures as I was doing it but once again I got so involved in what I was doing that I forgot! I will try to remember for my next project!

Here are the embellished dollar store items I made for the basket!

I forgot to take a separate picture of the wine glasses but I think you can sort of see them through the basket wrap…

Until my next project….


Cricut – Attempt #2 – Wedding Shower Card

I cannot believe how many things there are that I can make/embellish with the Cricut. One of the things that excites me most is what you can do with leather!!! I haven’t been able to try it yet because I don’t have the right mats or blade so far, but I will definitely be trying some of the leather bracelets I saw for gifts for this Christmas!!! For now….

So…. I got a bit of “play time” over the weekend to fiddle around and familiarize myself with my new Cricut. I do have to say I am very impressed. While the card isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, the parts where it did the cutting are awesome. The card just wasn’t what I wanted because of my own issues, not the machine itself.

I decided I also wanted to try the “write” function on it to do the wording for the front of the card but I definitely need to work on that…. size, colour, font choice, that sort of thing.

All and all thought I ended up with a cute card that will go well with the shower gift I made with my Cricut, my Embroidery Machine and a few things from the dollar store!

Here is the card….

Not terrible for a first attempt but I most certainly have a lot to learn yet lol!


Stained Glass Candle Holder…. well, sort of

In between batches of cookies and making dinner yesterday I decided to try to turn an old, plain glass candleholder I had into a stained glass one.

While it did end up looking nice when it was done, it didn’t turn out even close to what I wanted it to!  I guess the dollar store glass paint I bought doesn’t quite cut it for painting something that doesn’t lay flat while drying! Lesson learned.  At least it’s still pretty when lit lol!



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My Latest Projects

As I alluded to yesterday, I am working on a few new projects, some more time consuming than others, and today of all things I decided to garden so I didn’t get any work done on my project!  Yes, I said garden lol. Nothing spectacular but I turned an ugly, weed infested  (that was right by the road 😳 ) garden into something presentable at least! 

I had planned on us doing a week of Tin Can Crafts but we don’t use much out of cans,  other than cat food 😕, so that’s on hold for a bit.   That will come later. 

So, I decided to fall back on an old skill. Years,  and years ago, I used to help sew sequins on baton twirling costumes,  among other things. I keep seeing all of these beautiful bridal sashes and headbands, with sequins and rhinestones on them. I decided I would like to try a few.  Like I said, this is more time consuming but will hopefully have something to show later this week. 

For now, here are some examples of a few of the beaded and sequined bridal items I’ve found!