A Christmas Story Ornaments – Another Cricut Gift

I have to admit that until Chris and I started dating 16 + years ago, I hadn’t even heard of the movie “A Christmas Story.” It is a big thing in his family. We now watch it every Christmas Day as a tradition in our own little family as his family has always done. This being said, I try every year to make or find some sort of little gift with that movie as a theme to give.

One year it was a “Leg Lamp” night light, one year I went full on “Pink Bunny Suit” for my father-in-law lol… this year I am playing nice and I made him a set of ornaments with some of the more memorable sayings/memories from the movie.

If you have seen, or are another avid fan of the movie, you will understand the meaning behind all of the ornaments, if not maybe you can just appreciate the thought behind the gift lol!

Here are the ornaments based around the movie! I found “clipart” images doing an internet search, cleaned them up in Design space, resized them and then cut them using my Cricut.

I painted the inside of clear ornaments and then adhered the vinyl to them. Now all they need are another trip to the dollar store for some ribbon and a nice box!


6 thoughts on “A Christmas Story Ornaments – Another Cricut Gift

    • Thank you. I try to make things to suit the receiver and these “themed” gifts have become a favourite for everyone, wondering what it will be each year.
      I haven’t seen the sequel yet. I always mean to watch for it but get so busy I forget 🙄

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