Tips for a Stress-less Christmas 

I started thinking this morning how stressed I was already making myself and thought that even though it isn’t even December 1st, I should heed my own advice from last year’s post AND to share it with anyone else who is also suffering from early onset Christmas stress!


Well, it’s officially the 1st of December, one of the most stressful months in the calendar for me, and I am sure a lot of other people.

My family will tell you that I am the last person who should be giving out this advice lol. One of our least favourite Christmas traditions is “Mom’s Christmas Breakdown(s)!” Not a Christmas goes by without at least one no matter how ahead of the game I think I am, especially since my accident.  This week I dealt with the first one 😕! I let myself get so overwhelmed by what I want and need to do for Christmas that my brain starts to spin our of control. I need to learn that just because I am a mom and future grandma that I am not omnipotent and cannot possibly do everything alone or even everything I decide I should make for everyone.

Christmas is supposed to be a “magical” family time and I have to stop trying to be the magic behind the curtain making everything happen perfectly!


While I am really not the person who should be doling out this advice, I have scoured the internet and found some I think may be helpful to both myself and anyone else who may need it!

  1. Be satisfied with good enough. So, you didn’t make everything you planned, didn’t make absolutely everything from scratch, is anyone but you going to be concerned?
  2. Designate! If you are hosting and family members and your children are old enough to help out, enlist them! Just think how much free time you could free up if everyone else made and brought just one dish!
  3. Focus on what is most important.  Christmas is about family and no one but you will notice if one thing is out of place.  Christmas should be enjoyed, not just work.
  4. Take time for yourself.  Even if it’s just a cup of tea and a magazine article, leaving the planning for even that long can refresh you.
  5. Remember to have Fun! If you are unhappy because you are stressed it will affect everyone and everything around you. Just do something silly or fun. Even a snowball fight in the yard could be just what you need.
  6. Take advantage of free gift wrapping services where offered.
  7. Try online shopping.  No lines, no crowds and you can shop in your PJs with a cup of coffee!
  8. Know when to say no. Overwhelmed by invitations and requests? Learn you don’t have to accept every single one.
  9. Prepare ahead.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas, every time you prepare a family meal, double it and freeze it for a quick and easy meal when you are at your busiest.
  10. Let it out. Don’t let the stress build.  Have a good cry or let out a scream and release it.  Don’t allow it to consume you.
  11. Wrap as you buy/make.  Don’t let it build up.
  12. Lists, Lists, lists, so you can see what you want or need to do and gain satisfaction as you cross things off.

I hope at least a few of these will be helpful to all of us during the holidays a stress free and enjoyable time!

8 thoughts on “Tips for a Stress-less Christmas 

  1. Those are great tips and my favorite is let it go. If a tradition or favorite past time no longer fits your family now it is okay to let it go. Don’t feel guilty ir served its purpose but now time to make new traditions that fit.

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    • My biggest problem is letting go, not so much traditions and such, as my own expectations and I need to step back. I am not solely responsible for every single person having the best Christmas ever lol. My accident has shown me that even if things aren’t perfect and my sometimes unreasonable goals aren’t met, we are still together as a family!
      Thank you for your input! ☺


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