Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder

Yes…. Christmas. I am pretty sure I alluded to the fact this was the week I was starting on Christmas lol!

This project was so quick and so easy and turned out really well! So well in fact that when I showed it to Chris, he asked me where I got it. Considering I am still not allowed to drive compliments of my head… he would have been curious how I bought it or assumed it came from good old Amazon lol!

Other that drying/wait time, this project took all of about 10 minutes and is easy enough that kids could do it as well for grandparent’s gifts or teacher’s gifts or whatever.

Your options are only as endless as the napkin patterns you can find lol!


Here is what I started with. Both the glass vase, glitter glue and the napkins came from the dollar store… for a grand total of about $3.50! With enough napkins to do at least a dozen candle holders! The Modge Podge I had on hand, but you could even just use white glue, maybe just water it down a tiny bit.

The first thing I did was to lay the glass vase down beside the napkin to see how I wanted to lay out the napkin on the vase.

I cut the napkin into the pieces and decided I wanted to keep the red border to use as a separator between the two Christmas tree pieces to give it a more finished look on the sides.

I cleaned the glass vase with glass cleaner and then brushed the Modge Podge all over the outside of it.

I applied the napkin pieces to the Modge Podge covered vase and applied another coat over top of the napkins, covering the whole vase.

I set it on top of a small ramekin to dry then added a coat of the glitter glue… just to add a little sparkle when it had a candle/flameless candle in it and let that dry too.

Once fully dried, I set it on a nice candle base I had laying around and I had myself a nice, sparkly candle holder for the coming holiday season!

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