Christmas Craft Sale – Paw Print/Heart Ornaments

I’m done! I’m done! I’m done! Everything is ready for the craft sale… and even with a day to spare! Woo hoo! 😴

As cute as these turned out, they have been a major pain in my ass lol. If it wasn’t me “guesstimating” the size of the balls wrong, it was miscounting them!!! For something that should have been so simple to make they have been like a very cute thorn in my side…. but they too are now done!!!

I didn’t even have to make a pattern for these. There was exactly what I had in mind in Design Space for the ornaments. I have always loved the heart/paw print design and that is what I wanted for my ornaments. Throw in some paw print ribbon (that I found on Amazon) and here are some cute Christmas Tree Ornaments sporting a cat/pet theme!

I did the same thing I do with most patterns….. resize it to what I need (in this case multiple times), cut the number of pieces I need (again multiple times) and then apply the vinyl to the project and heat set it!

I hot glued some bows on them. ( I had originally planned on putting paw print ribbon but it didn’t make it in time so had to improvise)

That’s it… and then I have embellished ornaments!

Oh… and I also had a bunch of regular wine glasses that came with an auction win, so I used the same pattern to put vinyl on them!!!