Christmas Craft Sale – “Kitty Kandy”

I know… everyone must be getting pretty sick of seeing both stuff being made for the craft sale… that is in 2 weeks !!!! and of seeing cat related/themed items. I only have one more week to get everything done, so you at least have that to look forward to lol…. only problem is that after the craft sale I start on Christmas gifts/decor lol! Sorry….

This project is thankfully another quick one. I picked up some cute lidded jars from the dollar store when I was there last… man, do I love the dollar store lol! These are going to be treat jars for cats.

I created a pattern of text (“Kitty Kandy”) and a few different colours of paw prints to sit in behind the text to add to the jars.

I cut and weeded the pattern and got it ready to apply to the jars.

I applied the vinyl to the jars, heat set it and then wrapped some decorative cord around the tops of them and now they too are ready for the craft sale!!!

I am getting really close to being at least past the half way point of getting everything ready! Hopefully this coming year is the year I actually do get started very, very early in the year so I am not running around like a crazy (or crazier if you know me well lol) person trying to get everything ready in time!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Sale – “Kitty Kandy”

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