Bad Blogger Award lol – Cricut Practice Project

I think if there is such a thing, I should get it right now. I have been busy… and blah.. and haven’t had much ambition. But… I did manage to start a couple of Cricut projects. This project was more of a practice piece.

There is a picture that Chris’ uncle drew before he passed away and I’m practicing so I can make a decal of it for Chris. That means learning to remove the background of an image that isn’t already an SVG file.

Design Space is great for doing that sort of thing. It offers an Erase tool where you can adjust the size of the “Eraser,” and a Magic Wand tool that allows you to completely remove big sections of background.

I chose a fairly detailed image I found online to practice on and made Chris a mug.

I won’t lie, it took a while but didn’t turn out too bad considering, except that I ended up putting it on a bit crooked lol. It was a good practice piece.

This is the image I used…

And this is how the mug ended up looking like. Not terrible, right lol?

Oh…. and I got a cute little cart from Wayfair that Dillon assembled for me yesterday! Hopefully it will help me keep my craft room a little tidier than it has been 😳


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