Dragonfly Wall Art – Cricut

While looking at all my options in Cricut Design Space, I came across some really cute dragonfly cut files. This prompted me to think about what I could put one on.

I decided to go with a dollar store picture frame, a piece of card stock, the dragonfly cut file, some water colour paint and the word “Believe” cut in one of the Design Space fonts.

While it isn’t gallery worthy it still makes a cute addition to a blank wall!

The first thing I did was to design/assemble the “pattern” I wanted for my picture in Design Space.

I chose the colours I wanted to use and then cut the pattern out.

I stuck the vinyl to the outside of the glass in the picture frame and put some card stock in the picture portion of the frame.

I used a pink card stock and it just seemed rather bland when I put everything together. I decided to use some water colour paint to give it a little bit more colour.

And that’s it…. a quick and colourful addition to my walls!


6 thoughts on “Dragonfly Wall Art – Cricut

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