Recycled Cupboard Door Cricut Project

Sorry I am so off schedule this week. My grandmother, who has had the biggest and best impact in my life… the one person who has always always always been there for me had a heart attack this week. I have been so worried and waiting for news that everything is completely upside down!

While I have been waiting for the phone to ring I decided to “play” Cricut to take my mind off things. This project is one of the things I did while waiting.

The door I used in this project is actually from the recycled end table/cat bed I made ages ago. I kept the door because you just never know… and this week I found a purpose for it!

I haven’t hung it up yet or decided if I want to put some cup hooks on it to turn it into a key rack/decor, but the door itself is done!

To start the project I cleaned and sanded the door and removed any hardware still on it.

I decided to paint it using my gray chalkboard paint and then used a watered down acrylic to put some turquoise highlights on it.

I decided what I wanted and then cut the permanent vinyl then applied it to the surface.

Once the vinyl was applied I added a few coats of varethane and it was done… or at least done until I make a decision on the cup hooks!


8 thoughts on “Recycled Cupboard Door Cricut Project

      • Thank you for asking 💗💗. Unbelievably so, my grandmother was discharged from the hospital even though she is 97, lives alone (she has a caregiver that comes in the morning and evening to help her get ready but that’s it), had a heart attack then a stroke Sunday night and goes from being lucid one minute to way out in left field the next. Luckily my Aunt and a cousin are close enough to take turns with her care. I’m having trouble dealing with the fact she may not be around much longer because she has been such a huge part of my life/sanity… hence the distraction. If I didn’t do something to occupy my head I would probably just sit down and cry… again 😥

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