Garden Update

I finally have a Green Thumb this year lol… although it’s only green from tying up some more of the cucumber vines to the trellis… but was still green until I washed my hands!!!

One of my “Stalkers/Visitors” was here the other morning. I think she needs some better camouflage if she wants to blend in lol! I love having the cows and horses come to visit!

I think Mother Nature must have taken pity on me and made my garden bloom for all it’s worth this year! I can’t believe the success I have had with most of my plants this year! I swear that my tomato plants are well over 6 feet tall! There are a ton of tomatoes on them but I think that I have to go in and cut out the excess leaves that seem to be blocking the actual tomatoes from getting enough sun to ripen. That is on my To Do list for one day this week. Check out the size of them!

This is my third “haul” of cucumbers this year and my first little green pepper. I have so many cucumbers right now that I actually took some down for Kim (and family) when I went down for Grandma duty!

Needless to say, Chris and Dillon have been eating a lot of cucumber salad, sliced cucumber with dinner, etc.!


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