Wedding Gift Basket – Part #1 1/2

I started to type Part #1, but then I realized I made mention of the gift basket in 2 previous posts…. the one where I bragged (yes, I do know that is rude but I wanted to share really bad lol) in my “I Got a Cricut” post, and in my last post about the Wedding Card.

This time it is some stemless wine glasses, a glass carafe and a tin bucket that I used to stack the basket on!

It was really easy to find free Mr. & Mrs. images online to do what I wanted to do. These ones I found in the Cricut app. They are just words but I did them in vinyl and added them to the glasses, carafe and tin.

Again the whole thing was really user friendly… put your images into Design Space, set it to the cut function, load the mat… prepared with vinyl on it and push the buttons

I chose black vinyl for the tin and the carafe and a silver vinyl for the glasses. I suppose I should have taken pictures as I was doing it but once again I got so involved in what I was doing that I forgot! I will try to remember for my next project!

Here are the embellished dollar store items I made for the basket!

I forgot to take a separate picture of the wine glasses but I think you can sort of see them through the basket wrap…

Until my next project….


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