Recycled Plastic Bottle Vase

Dillon keeps buying Watermelon juice in plastic bottles. Personally I think it sounds kind of nasty lol, but he likes it.

One day I was putting one of the bottles in the recycling and thought it was a sort of cool shape. I decided I was going to do something with it!

I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do… then I decided on a vase. I asked Chris to cut the top off for me and then got to work on it!


Here is the bottle of juice that Dillon keeps buying.

Here is the bottle with the top cut off and ready to go with my stained glass paint.

I’m not exactly sure where I came up with the idea to use cat head shapes for the liquid leading but that is exactly what I did.

I painted the leading onto the bottle and then stuck it over a paper towel holder to dry.

I let that dry overnight before I started to apply the coloured stained glass paint.

I had to do it one side at a time because it likes to drip.

I got all the sides done and then gave it a good coat of varethane because it would at some point have water in it….

And here is my recycled plastic bottle vase!

13 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Bottle Vase

  1. So how many of these vases Can you use since you say he buys a lot of this stuff? Lol
    Or can we look forward to a “How many ways can you recycle a juice bottle” post one of these days!
    Great job! Very creative.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fingernail polish came to mind to “paint” on plastic bottles. Haven’t tried it, but I think it would work.

    OK now my mind is brainstorming “how many ways…”

    Liked by 1 person

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