Canada Day Project 2019 #2

Here is my other Canada Day project for this year. I decided I wanted to paint a sort of Canada Flag on a hand saw. I was going to go out and buy a new one for the project but Chris told me he had an old one that he couldn’t use… apparently he tried to cut something he shouldn’t have lol!


I measured out the length of the saw and originally divided it into 3 sections for each part of the flag. That didn’t work out so well because it made the white look way too dominant…. so I measured in from each end to get the right amount of red in for how I thought it should look.

I base painted the saw… first white, and then I taped off the lines and painted the red. I painted about 10 coats of the white but it still showed some rust spots through but I decided it was going out on the back deck, up high, so it wasn’t a huge deal lol!

I found a Maple leaf out line I liked and printed it to fit my surface.

I painted the maple leaf red, of course…..

Let it fully dry, and then gave it a few good coats of varethane before hanging it on the back deck!

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