Butterfly Waterer/Garden Update

My little vegetable garden is still alive… and even thriving! I can’t take much of the credit though, we’ve had a lot of rain the past few weeks. Still… it’s going well!

While I am still waiting to see if the Pop Bottle Mosquito Trap is working, I made a butterfly waterer with things I already had laying around the house! I hope they use it!

I had a couple of plant saucers, about 1 inches across, big glass beads, some river rocks, a sponge and some artificial flower leaves.

I figured that since it was going to have water in it I would use Gorilla glue to attach the leaves and sponge.

I took a black sharpie and marked where I thought the sponge should go and started to glue the leaves to the inside, placed on the edge of where I marked for the sponge.

I glued the sponge in place then scattered the river rocks and glass beads around it in the saucer.

I made some butterfly nectar, using a 10 – 1 ratio of water to sugar and then poured it into the saucer.

And now I have a couple of nice Butterfly Waterers around the yard that hopefully the butterflies will enjoy!


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