Gardening – Hula Hoop Mini Arbor/Trellis

I spent pretty much all of Sunday outside “playing” in the gardens. It was such a beautiful day I just wanted to be outside. When Dillon and I went to town on Friday I picked up some more flowers for various pots, gardens and such and wanted to get them all planted.

The Hula Hoop Mini Arbor/Trellis was all made with items from the Dollar Store too which was awesome!

Today I can barely move lol… carrying all the bags of mulch and soil and such, pushing the wheel barrow around all day, I am feeling every muscle I have. Guess it’s part of getting older. The only thing I asked Dillon to do was to hook up my new hose because the faucet is under the back deck and I do not do spiders lol…. Yuck!

Now for the hula hoop arbor/trellis. I can’t remember if I saw this idea on Pinterest or Facebook but I thought it was a great idea. While I really wanted to get the pink glittery hula hoops for my projects, Dillon talked me out of it lol. He probably just didn’t want to carry them!

All I had to do was to cut the hula hoops, making two big open circles.

I made 4 stakes out of some bamboo I had laying around from another project and stuck them in the ground where I wanted each side of the hula hoops to end up.

I crisscrossed the hula hoops, putting the ends over the bamboo stakes, feeding them all the way to the soil and then just reinforced where the hula hoops met in the middle with some thin gauge wire.

Now I have a cool arch in my little vegetable garden that I will tie my cucumber plants to as they (hopefully grow)!

And just a few other pictures of some of the yard/flowers!


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