Day #5 – Playing with my Sewing Machine – Embroidered Name on Dollar Store Easter Bunny

Big title, huh lol? I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since my Day #4 post about my sewing machine! Between my granddaughter’s birthday and Easter I haven’t had a lot of time to just go to the Craft Room and play, or if I have been down there it’s just to complete a project and then haven’t had time to sit down and actually type the post!

Today I start on my laundry room!!! A big job that is going to not only require my organization skills, but painting, a bit of drywall, painting a concrete floor as a few examples. I know it won’t be done overnight but I am looking forward to getting it done finally….. but for today….

Here is an Easter Bunny I bought from the dollar store to try to embroider my granddaughter’s name on. I did have some tension issues… something I have been struggling a bit with (you can see where I had tension issues on the letter “S,” and other spots)… some things come out perfectly and others require various tension changes throughout the patterns. I did anticipate this would be a learning experience and it has been… and a fun one!


While Easter is now over, I still thought it was a good thing to post because stuffed bunnies, or any other stuffed animal with big ears could work! I used a dollar store one because I really wasn’t sure if this was something I could actually do lol!

The first thing I had to do was to undo the stitching on the ear I wanted to add the name to.

I pinned the side of the ear I wanted to embroider on to a sheet of stabilizer, and used a bit of glue tape to hold it in place, and hooped it making sure it was centred.

I set up my machine with the name, font and font size and let the sewing machine do it’s thing. You can obviously see where I messed up with the tension but I don’t think my granddaughter will know the difference so I still gave it to her.

When the embroidery on the ear was done, I pinned the Wrong sides together, leaving a space for turning.

Then stitched it before turning it right side out.

All I had to do then was to hand stitch the opening closed before adding a little bow and the bunny was ready for gifting!

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