Easter Crafts – Repost

I have to admit that I haven’t made any Easter Crafts since my two were little, so we are talking a good 15 years or so (and yes, that was very difficult to admit to!). But in the interest of our new blog I decided to do a few, especially after looking at all the pretty ones on Pinterest.  One of the crafts I started I am not sure is going to be post-able as a win though.  I will see tomorrow.

Either way, here is the first of 2 Easter crafts I made today (that turned out).  It is a Bunny Scrapbook Paper Silhouette.

I found everything I needed to make it at the Dollar Store (my favourite store!) and this is a Kid Friendly craft!



Here is what I used to make the Bunny Silhouette Easel.

  • Small Canvas and Easel (sold together at Dollar Store)
  • 2 Colours of Paint and Paint Brush
  • 1 Sheet of Scrapbook Paper
  • Pom Pom for tail
  • Ribbon
  • White Glue
  • Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Sparkles (Optional)
  • Washi Tape (Optional)


The first thing I did was to base paint the Canvas and the Easel.  I decided on bright colours since it is Easter and Easter is the start of Spring!


While this was drying I printed an Easter Bunny outline I found online and then I used the back window to transfer this image to the BACK of the  Scrapbook paper and then cut it out.  (If you hold both pieces of paper up to the glass of the window you can easily see the outline of the silhouette)


To finish this craft, all you have to do is to glue the Bunny silhouette you cut out in the last step to the pre-painted canvas (I also put a quick layer of glue with sparkles mixed in over the whole thing just to make it sparkly), using your glue gun attach the pom pom tail and the ribbon around the bunny’s neck and you are done!  Place it on the pre-painted easel and the craft is complete!

*Just to jazz up the easel a bit, I added a strip of Washi tape to the front of it…completely optional.

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