Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy – Sewing

I found a cute little teddy bear sewing pattern when I did a search online for a different pattern.  It was very easy to make and turned out pretty well for my granddaughter.  I think the only thing I would change if I were to make it again would be to make the ears bigger on the pattern  They turned out smaller that I thought they would and I think teddy bears should have big ears lol!

I used the pattern for the teddy bear itself and then just made a little skirt and straps to add to it once it was sewn.


I picked out the fabric I wanted to use, cut out the pattern and marked the eye placement for the teddy bear.

I sewed down the centre front of the teddy bear pattern front.

Clipped the edges, turned it to the right side where I could see where I marked the dots for the eye placement.

I attached the safety eyes before moving on to the next step.

I pinned the front pattern piece to the back and then sewed all the way around, making sure to leave an opening for turning it right side out.

I clipped the edges, all the way around the stitch line and then turned the teddy bear right side out.

I stuffed the bear with batting and hand sewed closed the opening.

To make the “dress” for the bear, I cut out 3 rectangles of the fleece fabric I was using. One for the actual skirt and 2 for the straps.

I turned the edges over on the bottom of the skirt and stitched it. And I folded the straps twice lengthwise, pinned it in place and sewed them.

I cut a piece of elastic and stretched it fit the waist portion of the skirt, pulling it taut while using a zigzag stitch to hold it in place.

I sewed the skirt into a “tube,” and put it on the bear wrong side out so I could pin the straps in place.

I sewed the straps in place and turned the dress right side out, adding a bow to the front centre.

To finish the bear, I hand sewed a pink felt nose to it, sewed a button at the neck for decoration and did a little stitching on the ears to give them a bit of definition since I found them sort of small.

And that is how I made the little teddy bear to add to my granddaughter’s toy box!

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