Hello Kitty Cake

What a busy week it’s been!  We had our second birthday(s) celebration at my in-law’s yesterday….there was 17 of us!!!!  I made a double batch of my Broccoli & Asiago Cheese soup, and 3 little quiches to take…. as well as a cake that I will post later this week.  The cake alone will take 3 posts for all the steps but it was a fun experiment! And I have a back log of about 10 posts I need to actually type!!!

With last week being Dillon’s (my now 26 year old son, if anyone isn’t aware of it) birthday…. and being the resident smart ass lol… I thought I would make him a joke birthday cake.  I honestly do not remember where it started…. but for years at every birthday, Christmas and occasions such as those, Dillon receives at least one Hello Kitty gift.  One year I made him a Hello Kitty first aid kit, it could be something little like a cookie cutter, ice cube tray, whatever but always something Hello Kitty. 

When I baked the cakes for the birthday cake for Sunday, I made one extra round layer to use for Dillon’s birthday cake. I used the pieces I cut off the layers to make them sit even and made him this Hello Kitty cake lol.  When he got home from work that day I told him to check in the fridge at the awesome birthday cake I made for him.  He took one look and just burst out laughing.  Thankfully he is used to his mom’s strange sense of humour!


The first thing I did was to cut the pieces I had cut to even the layers into triangles and stacked them to form the “ears” on the cake.

I covered the whole cake in white icing, and smoothed it out.

I added a yellow Smartie for the nose….

Tinted a little icing black and used it to outline the nose, add the eyes and whiskers, and then to outline the whole cake (not terribly straight as you can see lol).

Then taped together some pink paper ribbon to add the finishing touch to the cake…. and a quick and easy Hello Kitty Cake lol! 

While it was made as a joke, everyone still enjoyed the actual cake… because who doesn’t like birthday cake!!!

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