The Craft Room!!!!

It’s Done!  It’s Done…. It’s Done, It’s Done, It’s DONE!!!

After all the planning, dreaming, changing of minds, and yes… some procrastination… the Craft Room (on a strict budget) is finally done!  I can’t believe it!  It took a lot of days where I pushed way more than I should have and ended up with what I call “Skullcrackers” from my brain injury but it is finished… painted, decorated, storage ideas completed and I am so happy with it and the fact it is finished.  Now maybe I can make use of it!

Thank you to everyone who “Stayed Tuned” for it’s completion and a HUGE thank you to my mother-in-law for what she did to help!

About the only thing I need to do now is to organize it more and label everything but the main part, the actual creation of it is done.  My mother-in-law told me she has a paint organizer that I can hang in there… so the next time we get together I will pick it up and hang it… I even kept a perfect spot for it on the walls!


For the pictures, I will work my way around the room with the pictures I took and explain and highlight some of the ideas we used.

This is the view when you first walk in the Craft Room.  As you can tell we ended up using a completely different paint colour that was originally intended.  When I went to the paint store with the intention of having paint mixed to the colour we had decided on, I found a can of paint in the Oops section that I thought would work just as well and was almost half the cost!  I decided that it would work just fine and bought it. We ended up with a light mauve colour.  When I look at it I think Mauve Suede for some reason but it works out just fine and brings out some of the mauve in the quilt and there is mauve in the throw rug I picked up from Amazon when I looked for one that would bring all the colours together. I have plastic underbed storage bins that I recycled from a plastic dresser storage shelf that I took apart and reused as a shelf for bins and the drawers for under the futon.

You can see the wall stickers I posted about earlier and the cool chalkboard Chris bought for me for the craft room. The curtains you see in the corner are to cover the electrical panel in the corner.  It seemed an inexpensive way to hide it in the midst of all the other prettiness lol.  I didn’t want some ugly panel showing in the now completed room!

This next picture is of the my little “sewing corner.” I posted the makeover of the old sewing table, you will see a little lamp I won at an auction that I redid for the craft room and some additional storage on the wall. A pretty hook for my new sewing scissors, a container on the shelf for all my buttons, the various pin cushions and such and a padded bulletin board I again posted at a different day. I also made a quick “Blingy” light switch cover to add a little bit of glitter to the craft room! I will post it tomorrow!

Next up is a little storage area I made with curtain rods and S hooks.  I have little plastic bins hanging from it now and this wood “thing” I picked up at a second hand store that I still plan to paint, that I thought could hold some little things.

Now for the “Tool Box” corner. The corner seemed like a really good place to put my tool box Chris bought for me.  I hung a little shelf for the blinged out flower pots I made and another recycled plastic jar a friend of Chris’ gave me to reuse. Then added a little corkboard that I bought at the dollar store as tiles and just stapled to the wall.

This next picture is of the “Main Storage Wall.” I have the dresser and change table I redid using chalk paint and some bling drawer pulls. I have a little basket on the dresser for ribbon and I used some crystal drinking glasses to hold brushes and other things.

I added a wire grid storage rack and some shelves on it for other craft items.  There is still lots of room for me to hang other items as needed. Then there is a little small item bin in pink I bought last Christmas at one of the big craft stores. For now I have some beads and other bling in it.  I have the paint brush holder my mother-in-law painted for me and a washi tape dispenser hanging with it.  I finished off that section with a picture frame memo board I posted a while back. You can see how much storage the change table provides!

And finally there is behind the door.  I have an ugly… for now shelf holding some fabric bins of additional storage and soon to be completed projects and it was a good place to hang the ironing board for when I need it, the wool holder Chris helped me make and wood for my scroll saw projects. That empty wall space is where that paint organizer is going to be hung.

All and all I am very happy with how our craft room turned out.  We stuck to our budget, doing as much as we could make on our own and only buying the little necessities as needed… and now we have a pretty workspace to complete the crafts and such we have planned for this new year!

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