Roll Top Desk – Dump Rescue – WIP

A few weeks ago Chris texted me from work including a picture of a roll top desk he said some one was going to take to the dump. He asked me if I wanted it. When we got it, it was all painted with a flat white colour…. wall paint would be my guess and wasn’t all that appealing … but I figured a bit of elbow grease and a jar of chalk paint could remedy that! I had a book case I wanted to replace with something nicer and this desk fit the bill perfectly!

I am waiting for the wax to arrive and will update pictures once I get it and complete the desk transformation!


This is what the dresser looked like when Chris brought it home to me.

It wasn’t in bad shape… other than the white paint. I started by removing the white paint from the very top section, using a heat gun and putty knife, and the white paint someone had painted partially on the desk top itself.

I mixed up a dark brown “stain,” using different browns and black then adding water to make it come out more of a stain before applying this “stain” to the parts of the desk where I removed the white paint.

Once that was fully dried I applied a coat of varethane to finish those sections. (Don’t mind the baby teething ring in the drawer lol… I forgot to pack it up with the rest of my granddaughter’s toys when they were here last time and just shoved it in that drawer)


Next I started to apply the chalk paint in a Tuscan red colour to the rest of the desk. I liked the fact this colour will almost match our leather sofa lol!


Here is a picture from a different angle to show the actual colour.

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