Homemade Halloween Costumes

Becoming a grandma this year has made me think back to all of the Halloween costumes I made for my kids.  I have no idea where some of the costume ideas came from but some of them were very interesting to try to make lol. My kids seemed to think I could make anything they could think of.  While it was a nice feeling to know my kids thought that way, it also brought with it the pressure to actually succeed!

My costume making got to the point that neighbours were actually waiting each year to see what I would make each year for the kids to wear!

I thought today I would share a few of the costumes I made over the years and then a few photos of pictures I found on Pinterest with some great homemade costumes for kids and adults!


I am going to start with the year Kim wanted to be Queen Amidala from Star Wars.  This was one of the hardest costumes I think I made.  The dress part was easy compared to the headpiece/crown!

In order to make the headpiece, I measured Kim’s head and then blew up a balloon to the same head diameter.  I set the balloon in a bowl so it would stay still and then started to paper mache.  It took hours and days to get the headpiece just right before I could even paint it…. and then because it was fairly heavy I had to add an elastic strap so she didn’t end up losing it lol!

While it was a pain in the ass to make, it was one of my proudest Halloween accomplishments! Below is the picture of Kim as Queen Amidala and Dillon decked out in a cape I made and a Darth Maul mask! (sorry for the picture quality… it is a picture of a picture)


One of the years that Dillon was into Pokémon he wanted to be Ash Ketchum.  I thought how in the world will I make this one.  I did, and with a Pikachu pillow to go with the costume Dillon really looked the part!



Let’s see…. another year Kim wanted to be a Genie and Dillon a Native American.  I was lucky to find a fabric for Dillon’s costume that had an already fringed edge.  It was a faux suede and worked out perfectly.  Add to that an old pair of his father’s moccasins and he was ready to go.

I ended up making Kim’s Genie costume out of blue velvet and a nice blue sheer organza material (I worked in a fabric store at that point so I was lucky to get a discount on any fabric I bought lol). You have to love their poses lol!


And here are a few costumes that seem really easy to make, although not last minute like this post, for both adults and kids.  I could have posted literally thousands of homemade costumes but limited it to these few.

All you need is a little bit of imagination and a lot of patience lol!

The middle costume below made me think of another costume I made for Dillon but couldn’t find the picture of in time.  I used a cardboard box to make him an airplane with straps to hold it onto his shoulders.  Paired with an aviator jacket and hat and he was all set to go trick or treating!

9 thoughts on “Homemade Halloween Costumes

  1. These are all cute ideas! Your’s were so creative! When my boys and grandaughters were young, I usually started with a sweatsuit in the appropriate color and added elements to make a character.
    One of the gals at the party last night was the gumball machine. A mother and daughter were a bowl of fruit loops and a carton of milk. Wish I’d gotten a picture. I’m sure she found it on Pinterest, though. LOL

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