I Found Nemo!!!!

I found Nemo lol!  For my granddaughter’s first Halloween, I wanted to make her a special pumpkin.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually carved a pumpkin.  Where we live the houses are so spaced, being farm country, that we don’t get any kids trick or treating so I have just forgone the practice of pumpkin carving.

When my two were little, I swear they thought I was omnipotent because they thought I could make any sort of costume they wanted and carve any sort of pumpkin they wanted.  Luckily my kids were easily appeased and whatever I came up with, they were more than happy with!  I think My favourite was the year I did Bert & Ernie pumpkins.  As with Nemo pumpkin I did this morning, they were a combination of carving and painting to get the desired effect…. and some black wool for the character’s “hair.”  It was fun and the kids loved them.  I guess I had better get my pumpkin carving game back on track for my grandchild/grandchildren lol!!!!

Here is my Nemo Pumpkin!!!




As with any carved pumpkin, I start by removing the pumpkin “guts.”  I should have waited a little bit before I started because Chris was nosing around and said, “You ARE planning on keeping the seeds and cooking them….. right?” I guess you will be getting a follow up post in the next day or so with pumpkin seeds lol!


I found a picture of Nemo online and printed it so I would have his eyes to trace onto the pumpkin.  I figured that would be the hardest part to draw on AND have them even.


I carved out around the eyes and mouth and cut some “fins” out of the side of the pumpkin for Nemo.


And then started to paint…..


I decided to do thin black lines around the eyes and mouth to make them “pop” when he wasn’t lit.


Then it was time to assemble him.  I just used toothpicks to attach the fins to the openings I cut them from.  Easy to push through the pumpkin skin and easy to remove for them to take Nemo home.

Here is Nemo before I put a candle inside of him.


And this is how Nemo looks with his candle glowing inside…. all ready for Halloween night!!!!

16 thoughts on “I Found Nemo!!!!

    • Thank you. I used to be a pro-pumpkin carver when the kids were little. It seemed every year they asked for something that made me have to step up my game lol. I’m out of practice now but I was happy with how Nemo turned out!


      • Thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate it! Years ago (and I hate even admitting that lol) I’ve done everything from Bert & Ernie to Star wars and everything in between. While it is a huge compliment now, back then the kids thinking Mom could do anything was interesting lol!


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