INSTAPOT Sweet Potato Baby Food

I just had to try it, at least once lol. I bought Kim one of those Baby Bullet systems for making baby food but when I found out it could be made in my INSTAPOT as well, I had to try at least one batch for my granddaughter.

I made baby food for Kim and Dillon when they were first introduced to solid food and I find it so cool that the tradition will continue. It’s nice knowing exactly what you are feeding your baby.

I decided to make sweet potato baby food, being one of the suggested first vegetables.

I washed the sweet potatoes and put them on the trivet in the instapot then added about 1 3/4 cups of water.

I set the pot on pressure cook for 12 minutes. I let the steam release but the sweet potatoes weren’t done yet. I set it to run on pressure cook for another 6 minutes and rereleased the steam before removing them from the instapot bowl.

I removed the skin and mashed the insides with a little bit of water from the pot until it was the right consistency.

I spooned the sweet potato into the cavities of a clean ice cube tray and it’s ready to freeze! The ice cube trays are awesome for freezing baby food because it’s already portioned and you only have to pop out and thaw what you need!


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