Planning a Baby Shower

It won’t be much longer until I become a first time Grandma!!!

As you all may remember in Kim’s “My Best Creation Yet” post, I am going to be a Grandma and she is now 7 months along, so I am planning a baby shower for her.  She knows about it but I still wanted to share some tips I found as well as some of the beautiful printables I found on Pinterest  to help make planning it much easier!



Because they have decided on a Woodland Baby nursery theme, I wanted to make the baby shower close to that same theme.  I decided on using bright and colourful owls for my theme!

I already have a few of the “prizes” purchased and have decided on some for me/us to make and the thank you favours!

This is the invitation I made with various downloads I found using a google search. (I removed the personal information to post it)


I sort of did the same thing with the “Books for Baby” insert I included with the invitation.


I think we have decided on what sort of cake we are going to have, and even though it may seem like having 2 cakes, I am seriously considering also making extra cupcakes for this baby rattle idea.

I found quite a few lists on Pinterest which have been very helpful with the planning stages.



I was also able to find some cute baby shower games on Pinterest with printables.  I will just have to sit down one afternoon and print everything in preparation!

Here are a few examples of the game printables I found.


I love this cute idea where shower guests write a cute message on a diaper for the “Late Night Diaper Changes” in their future!





I found a couple of awesome ideas in lieu of a guestbook.  I couldn’t decide between them so I am planning on doing both lol!

And last but not least, here are some of the ideas I found for finger foods that fall into line with the theme!

Here are a few more printables I found to use for the baby shower.  Water bottle labels, tags for the favours, guest/gift list and an adorable “Wishes for Baby” printable. There are so many helpful printables to be found to make planning a baby shower a breeze!  I can’t imagine life before Pinterest lol!

I am sure everyone, including our mom-to-be, will have a wonderful time celebrating the soon to be new arrival!


8 thoughts on “Planning a Baby Shower

  1. This is awesome. This is what baby showers are supposed to be like. I love this also because you’re making all the stuff instead of buying junk to throw away. The guest book is a great idea and I like your idea for games. The book idea is also fantastic because 1) it isn’t pretentious or demanding (guests could even buy or find a book second hand, which is cooler because recycling!) 2) obviously it’s educational for the child. I hope you and your daughter have fun with your friends and relatives at your little party and even though I am anything but traditional, I think baby showers should be done the way they have always been done, just like this. The kinds of things I’ve seen on the internet for baby showers have seemed to me to be too pretentious, over-the-top expensive, or just plain ridiculous. You’re bringing back some class to the baby shower and it will most definitely serve its purpose, which is to help the new mom with her arsenal of baby supplies.

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    • Thank you so much for your comments/compliments! I too believe baby showers should be more traditional. I saw some very racey, and in my humble opinion, inappropriate for a baby shower. While I wanted to be at least a little different, I still wanted the whole thing to be a gathering of our family and friends, celebrating the arrival of a new family member, and of course to provide the new parents with some of the many things they will need. Making what I can is just a bonus and good practice for “grandparenthood!”

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