Angry Mama – Microwave Cleaner

Have you seen what is called “Angry Mama,” to help clean the microwave? I got one a while back and decided to do a post about it. I loved how easy it made it to just wipe away the crud afterwards!

Please excuse how dirty my microwave looks in the before pictures… Dillon decided to heat up a bowl of ravioli without anything covering it!!!



This is what Angry Mama looks like.


I know this is going to sound awful… but you remove her head and add a mixture of water and vinegar to the full point.


You put her head back on, place her in the microwave and allow it to “cook” in the microwave on high heat for 5 – 8 minutes. The steam it releases loosens all the crud that accumulates in the microwave.

This is the embarrassing “before” picture of my microwave “after” Dillon cooked his ravioli. It is a big, ugly mess!


After Angry Mama “cooked” for 5 minutes, I removed her and took a sponge to the inside of the microwave and everything came off easy.

This is my (much better looking and not as embarrassing) “after” pictures. You can see how clean the microwave is now…. at least until Dillon decides he needs more ravioli lol! It really does make cleaning the microwave so much easier!!!



Here is where I got mine –

2 thoughts on “Angry Mama – Microwave Cleaner

  1. Mama is angry because you pickled her brain in the microwave!!! This sounds like a great thing to have around. I can’t have one but i’ll try the vinegar trick, for sure!

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