Refinished Dresser (For Craft Room)

On the weekend I decided it was time to paint this old dresser we had in the basement. I thought that once redone, it would work perfect as extra storage in the craft room and that we could pretty it up!

I am getting excited about finally getting to work on the craft room.  In my mind, I can see how it will look when it’s done… now I just have to get there! (You can see my next project on the far left…. a cat bed for Jeffy!)

I bought chalk paint through Amazon, in a sort of turquoise colour.  The paint was awesome to work with.  It was thick, meaning minimal drips, and it covered great!



To begin, I removed all the old hardware from the dresser and gave it a good washing… there were cobwebs everywhere from it not being used in a long time!

This is the Before picture.


This is the chalk paint I used.  I would highly recommend it.  It covers great and goes a long way!


This is how it looked straight after painting it.


And this is how it turned out after it was dry and I put on the pretty crystal knobs I also bought from Amazon…. yes, I am an Amazon junkie lol!

I am really happy with how it turned out.  Now it’s on to my next craft room project… making that cat bed for Jeffy from one of those octagonal end tables I bought ages ago!



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