Knitted Blanket

Let me start by admitting that this blanket was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Kim and my Grand kitty, Felix…. for Christmas 2016.  It is finally done!!!



I started this in the summer of 2016, about 6 months after my car accident, thinking it would be something to occupy me during days when symptoms allowed.  Why I thought taking on such a large project, as opposed to say a hat or a flipping pot holder, is beyond my scope of understanding.  At least I would have had a sense of accomplishment much sooner than this lol!

No matter, I did finally finish it Wednesday, just before dinner! I hate to even admit to the fact it took me almost 2 years but it did.

My doctor at the time told me that I could try knitting or crocheting IF it was something I didn’t have to keep a count for and I could do it without looking at it.  The second, as you will know if you knit, can be done… you sort of learn to feel when you make a mistake.

There is no pattern for this blanket.  I simply used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn because I thought having a thicker yarn would make it easier and I used size 10 needles.  For whatever reason, I cast on 91? stitches and just kept working through the rows until I thought there was just enough yarn left to make a fringe.  I went through 3 of the double sized balls!!!

I also took advantage of the PVC Pipe Wool Holder Chris made in the summer for me with this project!


When I could, I would just pop it out and work a few rows here and there.  This week I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and forced myself to finish it over the last few days, which while I know I shouldn’t have done and will likely catch hell for at the Dr’s, but I have a grandbaby on the way, my first grandbaby, and I really want to get started on some more cute baby stuff lol!

I finally cast off on Wednesday and started to knot my fringe!  It took me two days to do the knots (for whatever reason, I have a real hard time with knots of any kind right now) and the damn thing is done!!!



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