Wooden Cat Door Stop

When I was cutting stuff out on my scroll saw for Christmas gifts I decided last minute to make a cute little Cat Door Stop for the cat lover on my list. 

 It was quick to cut out and didn’t take long to sand down in preparation for painting!

We are trying to limit the amount of gifts we give each other so I am (cheating and…) making the majority of gifts in “Basket” form, mixing things I am making with stuff I am buying that suit each person!


I found a cat outline online fairly easy and transferred the image to my piece of wood.  I used 1 inch pine board for the door stop.


Once it was sanded I made a sort of light stain by combining a light blue acrylic paint with water.  I used about a 4:1 ratio of water to paint.

I “stained” the cat and set it out to dry.


Because I know the person this is intended for also likes “bling,” I gave it a quick coat of sparkly paint as well. (It is a little hard to see the sparkles in the picture, but they are there lol)


When the sparkle paint was dry, I applied a coat of sealer and let that dry. (Again, it is hard to see the coat of sealer in the picture)


I added a ribbon to the tail of the cat with my hot glue gun and my Wooden Cat Door Stop is ready for gifting!

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