Sewing – Sleep Mask

Another part of the “package” gift I am making for a few people are Sleep Masks.  I am making three items… so far… for these packages, each set in matching fabric.


Again, I started with the fabrics I wanted to use, interfacing and a free pattern I found online and again, it prints perfectly on regular sized computer paper. (When I went to write this post I realized I didn’t keep a copy of the pattern I originally downloaded so I had to find another to include.)


For one of them I wanted to make it into a Cat sleep mask, so I added ears to the pattern before I cut it out.


I pinned and cut the pattern out from fabric and from the interfacing.


And cut a strip of 3/4 inch elastic, about 8 inches long. ( I was going to cover the elastic with a fabric “tube” but decided it might make it too bulky for anyone who may sleep on their back)


I did the same thing with the sleep masks I was doing without the cat ears. I pressed the interfacing to the wrong side of one piece of fabric.

I cut out a layer of batting. 

And put right sides together with the end of the elastic just poking out and the batting on the bottom then pinned it.

Then sewed all the way around, leaving an opening to turn it.

I clipped the edges.

And then I turned it right side out and pressed the mask flat.

Hand stitched closed the opening we left for turning.

And another part of the “package” gift is complete!

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