Wine Cork Pumpkin

I dragged Dillon to the BIG dollar store on Friday and I picked up a few packages of wine corks with this project in mind.  In hindsight, I should have bought the wine corks that were cylinderical in shape, not the ones with a wider end.  Either way, I made the corks into pumpkins.



It took longer to paint the corks and wait for them to dry than it did to actually assemble the pumpkins… something to keep in mind if making this with kids lol!

As I said above, I started by painting both ends of the corks with orange paint and then I painted 3 of them fully brown for my stems.


Once dried, I began by gluing together the “rows.” The rows were as follows:

Large: 2 rows of 5, 2 rows of 4

Medium: 2 rows of 3, 1 row of 4

Small: 2 rows of 2, 1 row of 3

Once the “rows” were assembled, it was just a matter of gluing the rows together by size, gluing a “stem” on top and then adding a curled piece of pipe cleaner to finish it off.

A very simple but cute craft!


7 thoughts on “Wine Cork Pumpkin

  1. These are adorable. Also – I had no clue you could buy wine corks. I had just assumed that the people who make these sort of crafts just reeeeeaaally like wine. lol

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