Sewing – Cup Cozy

Today I finally got back to my sewing machine to get to work on more Christmas gifts.  I want to make a little “package” type gift with matching cup cozies, sleep masks and little zippered make up bags for a few people. Below are the steps I took to make the Cup Cozies.


I got the fabric out that I wanted to use, the iron on interfacing and got the cup cozies cut out using a pattern I found online.  

The pattern prints perfectly on regular sized computer paper.


Once they were all cut out I got out my iron and pressed the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. (And yes, I do need to get a new ironing board cover…. or make one lol)


And pinned right side to right side.


I cut a piece of elastic about 3 inches long and pinned it to one end of the cup cozy.  This will be used, with a button, as the closure for the cozy.

I sewed all the way around, making sure to leave an opening for turning it right side out.

I clipped the corners and made cuts all the way around so the seams would sit flat.

I ironed the cozy flat.

Stitched all the way around to finish the outside edge.

Hand stitched the opening I left for turning it right side out closed.
And sewed on my button.

And there you have it… a nice Coffee/Tea Cup Cozy to make as a gift or for yourself!

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