Fall has Arrived….

Fall has arrived, and that means preparing outside for winter, getting my butt in gear for Christmas and then getting ready for the new arrival after that.

I did manage to get a few “scenery” pictures taken when I was out for a walk.  It doesn’t really show the vibrant colours we are seeing everywhere this time of year but I still thought they were nice picture and wanted to share!

I got all of the chair/bench cushions from the back deck bagged and ready for storage and got all the patio furniture and everything else all stacked and ready for a tarp to protect them for the winter.  One more thing we can take off of our “Get done before Winter” list!  Next will be preparing the gardens…. putting away all of the garden ornaments, pulling annuals, all the necessary but not necessarily fun jobs the gardens require!  Then, and I hate even saying it right now, getting the Christmas lights up before it’s too cold to do it lol!

Back deck ready for winter!


It feels like this weekend disappeared before it even had a chance to make a proper appearance, it just flew by.  Yesterday was spent finishing the rest of the stuff I wanted to get cut out on my scroll saw before it’s too cold to use it outside.

I have cut out Dragon Bookends, a Dragon wall hanging you can see to the right of the saw, a little kitty cat door stop for my mother-in-law, our beloved crazy cat lady, a kitchen sign for someone else, a weird “anime” character for Dillon (he asked me if I could make a book divider for lack of a better description to stand inside a series of books he reads.  The character is called Colossus, and he is apparently always looking from above, and he wanted sort of the same thing to stand in the centre of the book series lol),  I cut out a big guitar pick shape to make a guitar hanger for my son-in-law…. you get the gist of it. There is still one thing I am hoping to get done but I know it will take a bit of time because it is another project that requires cutting a design into the centre of the wood, like the Dragon wall hanging.

Now comes the hard part…… sanding all of it!!!!


I still have a few Halloween/Fall projects I want to post during the coming week, they just aren’t done yet lol!  Stay tuned!

I hope everyone had  great weekend and got to experience the beautiful weather we have been lucky enough to have this weekend!


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