Little Chick – Towel Craft

Here is a really quick, cute craft that would be great to add to a gift for a baby shower or any sort of baby gift.



All this craft requires is a hand towel, some ribbon, an elastic band, a tiny piece of felt or craft foam and an even tinier amount of black paint! Well, and my scissors and hot glue gun!


I began by rolling the towel up, from the long side, as tight as I could get it.

wp-image-670085732I folded it into an “S” shape.


And then sort of bunched the “S” together, grasped it in the middle and wound the elastic band around it until it was tight.


I fiddled with the towel and moved the elastic around until it was the shape I wanted.


I tied the pretty ribbon around it’s neck, trying to cover as much of the elastic as I could.


Next I cut out a little square, probably about 3/4 of an inch square, of the orange craft foam and pressed it in half to form the beak.


And then all that was left was to hot glue that to the face and using black paint, mark on two little round eyes!

And this is my Little Chick Towel Craft!




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