Bent Wire Hummingbird

Today I tried another project I have been wanting to try for awhile.  When I decided to do it this week it seemed to be one thing after another stopping me.  First I couldn’t remember where I put my beads and I didn’t have any flipping wire! Thankfully Dillon had a spool of wire he gave me to use and I finally found the beads!  Next it was my needle nose pliers!  I couldn’t find them anywhere, still can’t.  I am guessing that on whatever project Chris did in the house last that they were just toted out to the garage with his tools!  I will have to remember to check that.

In the meantime, I had wire from Dillon, two sets of pliers from Dillon, my long lost beads and I also grabbed a bit of thin jewelry wire just in case.  I was finally ready to try it!



Here are my supplies. Minus the jewelry wire because I didn’t think about that until after I started! I used a 20 gauge wire for this project.


This project is pretty much just shaping and reshaping until you get the shape you want.  Using 20 gauge wire makes it pretty easy because it bends so easy!

You need to make sure to string the beads you are going to use onto the wire before you start so they are at the ready when you get to that part rather than trying to wind them around what you have already bent

Here is the hummingbird.


Here is a close up of the little “hanger” I made for it. I just wound the wire into the shapes I wanted and strung the beads on the smaller portion of the hanger


And here is a picture of the little flower I made for the end.  It was pretty much the same thing.  I wound the wire around my pinkie finger to make the petals and then I just kept winding wire in a circle to make the centre.  I left about a centimeter of wire in the middle so I could string another little bead there and pulled the excess to the back of the flower with my pliers and bent in the tail.


I took the jewelry wire, knotted it where I wanted to start on the wings and just wrapped it back and forth and around to create a little pattern in the wings.  I knotted the end and threaded it through last bead before cutting the end of the wire.

I wrapped a bit of the jewelry wire around the part of the head where it meets the “beak” as well to hold that in place.

It didn’t even take me an hour to make this… most of the time was trying to string the beads onto the wire with my eye issue lol!  It was almost frustrating enough to throw it in the Not Happening pile!

Here are a few pictures I took of it hanging up in a few places once it was done.



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