WIP: Yes, Another One

I thought that since I don’t have anything actually finished right now I would post the progress I am making on another scarf as a gift.

It is a really funky yarn and while it isn’t difficult to work with it is time consuming.  It is a Red Heart Yarn called Fizzle.


You need to sort of separate the two strands of wool and only use the top “loop” to knit with.  Like I said, not difficult, just time consuming.

Here is a picture of the wool.  I put an arrow where the top loop is to show you what I mean.


The scarf is knit on Size 10 knitting needles and worked over only 3 stitches.  The instructions on the wrapper stated it would end up being 60 inches long when completed.

I think I might have about 15 – 18 inches done so far so I am about a quarter of the way there.  I should have it done in a few days and then move on to the turquoise colour!


It sort of reminds me of a poodle lol.  I am pretty certain that when Kim sees that I am working on a PURPLE scarf she will try to stake a claim on it!

I will update with pictures once they are both completed!


3 thoughts on “WIP: Yes, Another One

    • Just a few thousand!
      The yarn is a bit of a pain to use. If it twists even a little bit it can mess the whole thing up. I don’t think I would even attempt anything other than a scarf with it. I think trying to crochet with it would be even worse!

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