Repurposed Coffee Pot – Part #2 -Penguin


Here is the second of the two coffee pots I have been working on this week.  This one is painted on a vintage espresso maker I won at one of my auctions.  I also have to admit that he started out as a snowman!  I had every intention of this pot being transformed into a snowman until I saw what the “nose/carrot” placement looked like once painted. At that point I decided he looked more like a penguin and had to repaint the base black instead of the white I had started out with.  He is still pretty cute so I am fine with it lol!



 This is the pot before I took the paint brushes to it.


Again, I base painted it, it took 3 coats of white to cover the pot.  I painted the nose orange and the lid black, again, intending to have it end up being a snowman.

You can see in the picture below that the bottom of it is still white, I hadn’t come to the conclusion yet that he would become a penguin.


I painted the eyes on where I had traced them and that was when I decided to switch to penguin mode and repainted the base black and added some little orange feet to it.

I added a few branches, needles and berries to the lid and then sealed the whole pot before adding my bow.


And I ended up with what I am calling my Pouty Penguin because of his eyes!




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