Sewing – Little Hanging Fabric Bags – Budget Kitchen Makeover – Part #3

As part of my Budget Kitchen Makeover, I wanted to replace the ugly metal, mesh containers I have hanging from the curtain rod on the back splash part of my main counter.

I’ve looked everywhere for other nice metal ones but didn’t really find anything I really liked.

When Dillon and I were at Walmart  (Yes, I know,  that is starting to be reminiscent of the girl in the American Pie movies talking about band camp lol), I found their fat quarter section and the new idea was born!


There are a lot of steps but if you sew, you know it’s just part of the deal.


Here are the fat quarter colours and patterns I chose!

I used the grays and yellows for my fabric bags.

Let me start out by saying I am a lazy sewer.  If I don’t have to pin it, I don’t, if I don’t have to press it, I don’t lol… but I do love to sew and it has been a while since I have been able to sit at my/a sewing machine and make something other than my sock critters!  So if you see something you know is just pure laziness, sorry.

I used a half inch seam allowance for the whole thing.  You don’t have to add the hanging part to your bags, you can just sit them on the counter or anywhere else.

AND, while I was part way through, I was looking at them and thinking that they would also make cute reusable gift bags.  Just add a square of Velcro to each part instead of folding them over?

I started out by making and cutting out the pattern.  The pattern makes 3 inch square bags, about 6 inches tall.

Here are the 8 pieces all cut out.  4 patterned and 4 plain for the lining.

I started by sewing up the long sides on each set.  If I’m making a bunch of the same thing and can use the same thread colour,  I prefer to sew assembly line style.

I pressed the seams flat on all of them.

Now I pinned the bottom seams together and Sewed them. When you line up the pressed seams from the step before this is how it lines up,  and where you pin.

I pressed those seams, turned it right side out and pressed the creases on the bottom to form the square bottom and then the creases from the points of the corners to the tops of the bags.

They sort of look like a bunch of coloured paper Lunch bags lol.

Next I lined up the bags, one patterned, one liner together with right sides facing and pinned them.

I switched to free arm on my sewing machine now to make it easier and Sewed the two pieces together,  leaving about a one inch gap in the seam for turning it right side out.

I clipped the edges all the way around.

And turned them right side out.

I pressed  (Yes, again.  I hate ironing too) the tops flat,  all the way around.

And then sewed a seam around it, making sure to fold in that one inch gap and sewing it closed in the process.

I turned them pattern side out and folded over the top about an inch.

And yes, pressed it again, making sure to also press the folded portion in line with the creases I’d done earlier to the bags to square it up.

Now it’s time to make the hanging part.

I used rectangles of fabric,  3 inches by 3 inches and started by sewing a little half inch double folded hem on each end.

I pressed them in half and then pressed under a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

I lined them up on the back side of the bags, pinned them and then sewed it in place.

Once they were attached I also went over that line of stitching with a wide zigzag stitch for a bit of added strength.

And those are my cute little fabric hanging bags to replace the ugly metal ones!

To give them a bit of added stability at the bottom,  I cut out cardboard squares and just placed them in the bottom.  I was originally going to put them between the inside and outside of the fabric but that would be a pain when I want to wash them.

As you will see in the pictures below,  they still look a bit too floppy for my liking so I decided to cut cardboard to insert bottomless boxes? in them as well to “square ” them up.

This is them with the added insert. It is better but not quite as square as I want them.  It will however do until I get to the dollar store again and see if they have any little plastic boxes that will fit these!


I am not going to show a picture of the full curtain rod /counter until I’ve had the chance to paint the two metal ones I’m keeping for now AND do my other intended sewing project this week!

A cover for my KitchenAid to match the fabric bags! So stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Sewing – Little Hanging Fabric Bags – Budget Kitchen Makeover – Part #3

      • Well, I have. My mom was a seamstress and she had this huge beast of a machine that I was quite terrified of. With her guidance, she made me sew a little. When I was older, I sewed a few things with this little sewing machine but I was terrible. Then I bought myself a real sewing machine for the few times I needed to sew something and I never opened the box! I eventually sold it. When I need to sew something, I do it by hand. Lol It’s just not my thing and I guess I don’t like it enough to learn but I admire the skill in others. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I gave Kim her first lesson a while ago. Just starting and stopping a seam and a rolled hem, but still a lesson. I made reusable diapers, clothes, decor, toys and such when they were small and they loved it. Now it’s my turn to pass along another creative outlet to her!

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  2. A friend gave me a similar little bag for scraps and threads around my sewing machine. It was stiff around the top edge and my first thought was that she used dress boning inside the top edge to hold it open! Great idea! Except that wasn’t it!
    You know that unbreakable plastic strap that is fastened around a case of copy paper or other heavy shipped goods? It’s about a half inch wide and might be clear or brown or black. I’ve noticed there are different weights depending on what it’s wrapping. That’s what she used!
    I’ve started scavenging that strapping whenever I come across it. It’s kind of unruly and you have to clip it to keep it from flailing about your sewing room but I think it will be perfect for the car litter bags I need to make.
    Just realized I’m really really late to read this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a great idea, and another way to recycle something we would normally just toss in the bin! Thank you for sharing that… I will definitely start saving it whenever I get some. And I know exactly what you mean about it being unruly lol! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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