Sock Crafts – Sock Monkey


Last week was supposed to be mostly crafts made with socks… right up and until my sewing machine crapped out on me. Thankfully Kim isn’t using hers right now so she sent it home with me after our outing last Friday.  I can sew again!!!

I haven’t made a sock monkey in years but decided that would be the first “sock craft” that I make.  Hopefully we can find enough ideas to do a “series” of crafts using socks!



Sock crafts don’t generally take a lot of supplies because you are basically sewing and stuffing the sock.

I used one pair of ladies “work” socks for this project along with some stuffing, ribbon and embroidery floss.


I started out by cutting the sock into the various pieces required to make the monkey.  I took a picture of the pieces still sort of in the shape of the sock so you can see where and what I cut.



Once everything was cut out, I turned it all inside out and sewed it all to form all the pieces.  Here are the sewn pieces, still inside out.


I turned everything right side out and started stuffing.  With the tail, I used the outside end of a knitting needle to push the stuffing all the way to the end.

Once stuffed I could start the assembly of my sock monkey.

I started by tying off the top of the monkey, where the top of the head ends and the “toque” starts.  I just used embroidery floss to tie it.  You won’t see the knot after.


I pinned the “muzzle” in place at the top, folding the raw edge inside and started to hand sew that in.  I sewed about 3/4 of the way around the muzzle before I stopped to insert the stuffing.  It is a pain to try to sew it on with the stuffing inserted first.


Muzzle stuffed and sewn.


Next I folded the “toque” down and hand sewed that in place so it stayed where I wanted it and to keep the knot hidden and sewed the pom pom in place.


Now it was time for the face.  I like to use just embroidery floss for the face, just in case someone gives it to a young child…. nothing to fall off and be swallowed!

I gave the monkey a smile, nose and I just sewed two X’s for eyes.



I sewed the ears on next.


The arms were next, being careful to fold the raw edges under while I hand sewed it in place.


Finally I sewed the tail on, again watching to make sure all my rough edges were folded in side.


And then I just added a bow to the sock monkey, just to pretty her up a bit lol!

And here she is!  My pretty pink Sock Monkey!


10 thoughts on “Sock Crafts – Sock Monkey

  1. Oh!!! I love this! I had a sock monkey growing up.. he was brown and blue. I need to try this… I have a pair of rainbow Disney socks I have never worn.. I bet they would be perfect for this!

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