My Latest Projects

As I alluded to yesterday, I am working on a few new projects, some more time consuming than others, and today of all things I decided to garden so I didn’t get any work done on my project!  Yes, I said garden lol. Nothing spectacular but I turned an ugly, weed infested  (that was right by the road 😳 ) garden into something presentable at least! 

I had planned on us doing a week of Tin Can Crafts but we don’t use much out of cans,  other than cat food 😕, so that’s on hold for a bit.   That will come later. 

So, I decided to fall back on an old skill. Years,  and years ago, I used to help sew sequins on baton twirling costumes,  among other things. I keep seeing all of these beautiful bridal sashes and headbands, with sequins and rhinestones on them. I decided I would like to try a few.  Like I said, this is more time consuming but will hopefully have something to show later this week. 

For now, here are some examples of a few of the beaded and sequined bridal items I’ve found! 

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