“Monogram” Button Art

Today’s Button Art project is an Initial.  I chose the letter “L” because that is the first letter of our Surname.  I did this project in buttons but I also snuck in a few “rhinestones” to bling it up a bit!

We are sure going to be needing a lot of shelf and wall space in the craft room!



I started out with a stretched canvas, paint, buttons, rhinestones and my enemy… the glue gun! Everything I used was purchased from the dollar store!

The first thing I did was to base paint the canvas gray and when that dried I traced the design of the letter “L” I wanted for this project.


I then base painted the actual “L” and painted a few leaves on the corners for some type of flower later.


Now I started gluing, and gluing some more until I was happy with how it looked. I then added a few rhinestones to the buttons on the initial just to bling it up a bit.

I wasn’t sure what sort of flowers I was going to do until I saw the shapes of some of the rhinestones.  That decided it.  The flowers were going to be bling-y too!

This could also be done with white glue if you are making it with kids, it will just obviously take longer to dry!

This is my finished “Initial” Button Art Project!


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