Let me start by saying that this post in no way resembles a recipe lol… just an outlet for my strange obsession with Minions.  I don’t know why but I love those cute, fat little yellow characters!  I honestly haven’t even  seen the movies… maybe it’s all the Minion Memes that I seem to accumulate on my phone.

Yesterday Dillon (my son and unofficial chauffeur right now) and I went on our usual Friday morning grocery shop.  I was walking through the dairy aisle and saw this package of preformed/preshaped? Minion Cookies and had to buy them! They could have been the worst flavour of cookies ever but they were Minions and they were coming home with us!!!



This is the package they came in.  I honestly don’t even know what brand name they are because all I saw were the Minions! (Pillsbury… I just saw it in the picture lol… THANK YOU PILLSBURY!)


I preheated my oven and opened the package and saw the cutest little teeny minions in the package ready for me to bake!


Look at those faces!!!  Now came the most strenuous part of the whole ordeal… taking them off the cardboard backing and putting them on my cookie sheet!


All these little minion faces looking at me!  Dillon walked by the kitchen at this point and asked me if I was really going to eat the minions, biting their heads off!  I had to stop and send Kim a text telling on him, including a crying emoticon lol.  She called him a name for me! Thank you Kim lol!

I stuck those babies in the oven and stood at the window to the oven and watched them bake, just like a little kid!  10 minutes later and I had Minion Sugar Cookies!


I love my minion cookies and contrary to what Dillon said, had no problem digging in and trying one, or two, or three!

I decided not to tell Chris about them, just to wait and bring them out later with our after dinner homemade cappuccino lol.  He just laughed… thankfully he is used to my eccentricities, and asked if he too could eat some minion cookies!  And yes, I shared!

Here is the plate with my herd of Minion Cookies!  I am pretty sure I will have to buy another package next time I drag my designated, so far not under protest, chauffeur (until my head has recovered enough for me to drive again) to the grocery store!


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