Dyeing Wool – Part #2

I did it again! I couldn’t stay away from trying some more lol!  This time I was trying to achieve a sort of tie dye look to my wool. Not sure that’s what I achieved but I still like it.

I didn’t bother taking pictures of the process because it is exactly the same as the last time, other than the colours of the dye being different. I used 100% Lambs Wool this time.

I started with black and a copper colour and somehow ended up with blues and purples and depending on how you look at it, a bit of pink and of course, a rusty copper colour? No matter what colours I started out with, I am still happy with the results and I am trying to think of what I should make with this one even though I still haven’t finished the slouchy beanie I started with the other one…. I have been up to my eyeballs in clay pots lol!

This is what my newest batch of wool turned out like!


You can see all the different colours I ended up with even with just using black and copper colouring.  Such a variety of colours in it considering!

You can also see in the picture the yarn winder I used.  I bought this at Amazon.ca and it worked awesome.  I will admit that I made Dillon help me lol, doing it by yourself makes it a little difficult to control getting knots but I am sure it can be done.  It sure went a lot faster than when I wound it back around the chair legs and it will make it less apt to knot when I am actually making something with it!

I will update this post once I make whatever it is I am making with this and I will add the link for the yarn winder.  If you dye your own wool, this is a definite must!




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