Hershey Kisses Roses

It was years ago the first time I made these.  I honestly can’t even remember where I saw them the first time but I loved them.  Chocolate and Roses in one?  How much better can you get than this?  AND it is so easy to do!  It would be a great craft for kids to make for Mother’s Day and no tools necessary, not even the glue gun!  (Please excuse the ugly burn on my thumb in some of the pictures!  When I was making the pinecone topiary the glue gun decided it wanted to fight dirty…. and it won!)


There are minimal supplies needed for this project and it is all available at the dollar store which is just a bonus!  Dads, you better get yourself out with the kids shopping…. only 2 sleeps left!!

This is what I used.  I usually use the coloured basket wrap but I couldn’t find any today.  Instead I found this really wide, sparkly, iridescent ribbon and used that.


The first thing I always do is to tape 2 kisses together so they aren’t sliding all over when you are trying to wrap them.


The next thing to do is to sort of tape the joined kisses to the skewer.  I find it just makes it a whole lot easier when it comes time to wrap it.


Now comes the actual wrapping part.  I line up my square(s) (I doubled up on the ribbon because of how sheer it was. If you are using the coloured basket wrap, you won’t need to). Then I start from the left side by folding that side down and across the front of the “rose.” I do the same thing with the right next and then twist it tight at the bottom.

I then start wrapping at the bottom of the kisses/rose with my florist’s tape, about an inch or so down the “stem” and then back up to do a couple more times around at the base of the rose.

As I am working my way down the stem I start to add leaves.  I had a stem of fake leaves in my craft stash so I just cut off what I needed, leaving enough of a stem on them to wrap it into the stem of the rose.

I have a video I will upload at the end of this but for now, here is a step by step of the process.

Continue the above steps for as many roses as you would like to give.

I usually make a full dozen when I am giving them away.  These ones will be for my mother-in-law on Sunday when she comes up here for the special Mother’s Day lunch Kim and I are doing!

This is how they look once I have my dozen completed, have added a little bit of greenery and tied a nice big bow on them!

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive these as a gift?

And here it is…. my first attempt at making a “how to” video of the process. I must tell you that this is my third attempt at making this video.  During “taping” of the first two the dogs thought it would be a great time to bark out the door at the cows!!!  I was pretty sure no one wanted to listen to that!  Please don’t judge my first attempt too harshly lol, I will work on it for another project!


This video doesn’t exist

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