Pinecone Topiary


Before I start this post, I have to say that if no one likes this post I am in big trouble lol.  Dillon, my son, graciously agreed to go on a pinecone hunt for me. He found a whole baggie of them for me…. he also found poison ivy lol.  I know, I shouldn’t laugh, it is not much fun for him but you see… Dillon somehow manages to get poison ivy every single year. I don’t know how someone that rarely leaves his computer, other than to go to work, gets it every year.  And to top it off, I also went pinecone hunting but unlike Dillon I did not get poison ivy!

So, I am sure from above you can gather that we collected the pinecones for this project  ourselves lol.  I had a 6″ Styrofoam ball already in the house so I decided to make a topiary for the table.


Here is how I began….  I painted a base coat of brown on the Styrofoam ball so that if I happened to miss a spot with the pinecones, or the edges of them didn’t quite overlap it wouldn’t be obvious, and then started to attach the pinecones with my glue gun.


And I kept gluing, and gluing and gluing…it felt like it took forever lol.  And low and behold I get to the point where there was only a patch about 2″ by 3″ and I ran out of pinecones!  Obviously Dillon refused to go get me any more lol…. imagine that…. so, in the pouring rain, I went out and scavenged under the trees at the road and found the dozen more that I needed. This is what it looked like part the way through.  Kind of messy, but it does get better.


After even more gluing, I finally covered the whole Styrofoam ball.  It didn’t look too bad!



I decided then that it needed something more, so I decided to dab some white paint on it, and then of course some sparkly paint!

Here is the topiary at the top to try to show the paint I added to it.


I was going to paint a nice pot to put it in but when I looked at the pots I had, I decided that the worn look of one of them seemed to suit it.  I put it in the pot with some dirt, (from a plant I killed last summer lol), added some of the river rocks I bought from the dollar store for another project and tied a nice gold ribbon around the “stem.”


There, my pinecone topiary that basically cost nothing but a Styrofoam ball I already had and a whole lot of rubbing alcohol, aloe gel and antihistamine for Dillon’s poison ivy!!!!


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